Insurance Survey & Loss Assessment

We are active and prominent player in the field of Pre- Insurance Survey, Insurance Survey after Incidence and Consultancy to the Insured whiling subscribing the policies, dissemination of knowledge and skill of Insurance Sector.

Asset Valuation for Banking Procedures

Different types of fixed and movable assets are used as the collateral of the loan. We are providing the asset valuation service for different banks & financial institutions.

Plant, Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance.

We develop and assist in implementation of the maintenance and operation system. We also assess the repair requirement of plant equipment and vehicles and supervise the repair works. We also provide technical and managerial manpower services for such works.

Valuation of Plant, Machinery and Vehicles for asset management

We carryout valuation of Enterprises/organization where plant, machinery or vehicles, have predominant role. We also carryout valuation of individual pieces or group of plant equipment, machinery and vehicles.

Procurement Management

Public offices have to follow the Public Procurement Act and Public Procurement Regulation while performing their procurement. We have the expertise in PPA/PPR and support public offices for their public procurement especially Procurement of services, material and mechanical plant, equipment and vehicles.

Human Resources Development

Many organizations need technical manpower like mechanical supervisors, mechanics and operators. We provide trainings for existing manpower as well as fresh people to be converted as a technical manpower.

Environment Protection Advisory Services

Environmental Protection is the vital issue for any development activity. We support our clients in order to incorporate environmental concern in their policies and projects like devising the methods and assist in reducing the “pollutants” in the exhaust emissions from the IC engines.

Other Fields Of Activities

  • Factory Installation Support Advisory & A/C and Refrigeration
  • Electrical Distribution Lighting System
  • Construction and Earth Moving Equipment System
  • Technical System design/upgrading in the field of Mechanical/Industrial Engineering and allied areas.
  • Management System design/upgrading in the field of Mechanical/Industrial Engineering and allied areas.